Monday, November 26, 2012

Yesung Super Junior - Blind For Love (OST. King of Dramas)

Inilah Lirik Lagu Dari OST Drama King Of Dramas yang dinyanikan oleh personil Super Junior (Suju) Yesung Berjudul Blind For Love,

Because I’m blind, I only see you
Because my heart is frozen, I hug you
When my trembling lips touch your ears
I say the words I dreamed of since I met you, I love you

The words that lingered around my mouth
The words that I memorized thousands of times
The words that my heart kept telling me to say

Because you kept growing bigger inside
They were words that stopped me from breathing
Words that rises up on my lips
Words that I wanted to tell you on your lips


Words that fall as tears of the unstoppable love
Words that rises up in my heart
Words that make my heart want to explode


I want to live only by your side
Because I only want you

Because I’m blind with love, I only see you
Because my heart has melted, only tears fall
When my trembling lips touch your lips
I will hold you forever in my arms and say, I love you 

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